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Monday, June 17, 2024

4 Unexpected Courses You Can Take Online

The next time you find yourself scrolling aimlessly online, stalking your ex’s social media posts, or watching your third straight hour of Minecraft videos, consider this. The internet is a great way to waste time (more on this later), but it also the compendium of all of mankind’s collective knowledge throughout history.

Today, there are thousands of courses, certifications, and online training sessions available for anyone to take. Many of them are even free. No matter your hobbies, passions, or curiosities, there is bound to be something for you. Here is a short list of some of the stranger options you can dive into today.

  • Firefighting

FIre in Texas Fire Academy offers an online firefighter training course for those interested in getting into the field of firefighting or emergency medical services. The course consists of either a synchronous or self-paced 12-week course online followed by a 14-day hands-on skills session.

After completing the course, you will take a certification exam and walk away as a certified firefighter or EMT depending on your chosen track.

  • Ghost Hunting

The Open College of the U.K. is an accredited learning institution open to all comers. You can find dozens of strange course offerings on their site that may fit your unique interests. Options include things like Dog Psychology, Jealousy Management, Quantum Physics, and more.

One such offering, Ghost Hunting, looks particularly unusual. It is described as the ideal course for anyone interested in starting their own ghost hunting practice. You’ll the equipment, the process, and the locations needed to dive right in.

  • Wasting Time on the Internet

Yes, there is a right way to waste time on the internet. Chances are, you haven’t found it on your own. The University of Pennsylvania offers this very real course as part of its English department and Creative Writing Track. The University posits that wasted time online can be used as source material to construct beautiful literature.

  • Clowning

Here is a course dedicated to the art of being a clown. Titled Clown for Fun and Profit, it is a course offered on Udemy. For a very small fee, you’ll learn valuable clowning lessons like:

  • Applying clown makeup
  • Picking an outfit (and wig)
  • Understanding clown makeup
  • Finding your clown personality
  • And more

This is a course that offers some insight into the serious business side of clowning as well, should you be interested in a career change.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what you can learn online. In short, there is something for everyone. So open up a new tab and put Google to work to find your next skills, hobby, or even career.