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6 software engineer skills needed in the job market in 2022

We live in the “Information Age”. But instead of calling it the “Information” or “Computer” age, wouldn’t it be appropriate to call it the age of the “Software Engineers”. Since they are the ones who came up with the technologies and high-tech gadgets we use today. We should thank software engineers for many things, such as computers, the internet, and intelligent voice assistants like Alexa and Siri. And as you may know, software engineering is a high-paying profession around the globe.

Wondering what is the secret behind the immense success of these high-paid software engineers? Well, one of the most important parts of their persona is that they have a solid industry-ready skill set and practical knowledge of the field. If you feel you are lagging behind, worry not. As said before, we live in the age of information, so make use of it, use the internet, and learn skills a software engineer should have. In this article, we are making your job easy by listing the essential IT skills you need to acquire to be at the top of the game as a software engineer.

B Tech course details

If you are a 12-grade student and are thinking of opting for B Tech after your exams, this is what you need to know about the B Tech course.

The most popular course in India is the engineering or B Tech program. B Tech or Bachelor of Technology is a 4-year course in the Engineering discipline. Only students who take entrance exams like JEE or JEE Advance can enrol in this course. Admission to B Tech can be made after a 3-year diploma or after the 12th grade in Science stream with all the PCM subjects.

  • B Tech eligibility criteria:
    • A minimum 60% percentage in 12th grade (overall)
    • Minimum JEE score (minimum score depends on college cutoffs)

Six essential skills every software engineer should learn

Have you ever wondered what skills a programmer should have? Or what skills of yours you should hone to get ahead in life. The list given below offers details about the top 6 software engineer skills.

  • Cloud Computing
    With the increasing cost of the physical infrastructure, many big companies are shifting to cloud infrastructure. If you are looking for cloud computing job roles, it is imperative that you know the basics of cloud computing. This would greatly help you even in your current job role and add brownie points to your resume. There are numerous learning cloud platforms like AWS, Microsft Azure, and Google Cloud, to name a few. You can get your hands on any one platform to learn the basics.

  • Software testing
    Even in the world of Automation, a manual software testing skill is still highly valued. Software Testers in India are in high demand due to their unique skillset. Again you can learn the basics of software testing to take your knowledge base to a higher level. As a software developer, it would be best for you to learn basic software testing to debug the software on your own for ordinary errors.

  • Machine learning and AI
    Machine learning and AI are on the boom in the IT industry. The reason why they are so talked about and cherished is that AI is the future. And because of this, the demand for data scientists and AI engineers has skyrocketed. Machine learning is a sub-branch of AI. So you can learn about machine learning by learning algorithms like regression, decision tree and KNN. You can also learn about neutral networks as it is also a branch of AI, though it can be a very advanced topic for beginners.

  • Data structures and Algorithms
    Anyone who wants to be a software engineer must know how to code. And the Data structures and algorithms are the building blocks of any programming language. Be it Python, C++ or Java, to build an application in the language; you must have a basic understanding of Data structures and algorithms. This is why every IT company’s recruitment rounds have technical rounds centred only on data structures. So, it is highly suggested that you have this skill under your belt to become a good software engineer.

  • GitHub
    GitHub is source control to store your codes. Most of the software engineering teams at IT companies heavily use GitHub to save and edit long application codes collaboratively. So, it is wise to learn the primary use of this source control beforehand.

  • Software Engineering
    Software Engineering is the process of developing software. The process involves planning, designing, implementing, testing and deploying the software. As a software engineer, you must know the fundamentals of each step.

What traits make a good software engineer?


Along with hard-core technical skills, you must also possess certain soft skills to survive in the corporate world. Here are some soft skills every software engineer must thrive for:

  • Excellent logical and analytical skills
  • Good verbal and written communication
  • Be a go-getter and team player
  • Being a creative problem solver


Getting good at what you do cannot be an overnight process. The same is the case for being an exceptional software engineer. The skillsets mentioned above may seem hard, but practice is the key. Don’t forget that to be an amazing software engineer, you also need to be an outstanding leader and manager. Don’t forget that software engineers work with people and teams, so the correct amalgamation of technical skills and soft skills is necessary.

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