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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Is Technology Actually Aiding The Learning Environment?

In the world we live in today, we must jump between the digital and real spheres. Technology is impossible to escape today as it has become part of our basic day-to-day activities. So naturally, it has also become a part of our learning environment with time. The ed-tech industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries owing to its high demand. According to KPMG’s online report, by 2021, the industry could be worth $1.96 Billion in India. However, the question here is: Are these learning apps helping the education system with any PCMB doubt or other queries? Even though there can be lots of arguments for and against it, the ease it is providing students, cannot be ignored. Here are some major advantages of online learning apps that you should have a look at-

  • Motivation & Engagement- Some learning apps offer many games, quizzes, and rewards for learning more that can motivate students to get out of their comfort zone and explore the incredible world of wisdom. Children are fascinated by technology and digital elements. It can, therefore, be used to entice more engagement and grab their attention.
  • Self-reliance- Learn at your own pace as much as you want from these apps. Whether you want to advance your knowledge, clear a doubt or strengthen your base, it is all possible. Moreover, you do not have to request your teachers or classmates for their time.
  • Preparing for tomorrow- Whether we like it or not, the future will be all about technology. Across all sectors, the transition to digital is happening gradually. Likewise, education will not be isolated. Thus, students must get a handle on technology and can ride the trend to their advantage.
  • Personalized Learning- Many apps rely on AI that assesses student’s performance and evaluates their progress over time. Customized suggestions and expert advice can help motivate them to learn more. Many students find comfort and ease in learning at their own pace away from public scrutiny. They can target what they find strenuous and gain help. For example, using a PCMB doubt solution app will be useful for a lot of science students. As a result, they can rely on themselves and blossom with time. strenuous
  • More study material- You can learn from various books and go through how the topics are taught in other universities. Look up more examples to clear your concept. This way of learning will last longer and will be more diverse. As long as the students are keen, they can learn as much as they want. They can also solve sample question papers before their exams to gain command and confidence in the subject.
  • Higher retention- You can get video explanations that have a variety of graphics to bring you dynamic learning for any topic. Visual learning guarantees more retention compared to the traditional theoretical one. You can absorb your entire syllabus as a long story.
  • Assist the teachers- By assimilating digital learning in the education system, the teachers get automated reports about each student’s assessment and progress evaluation that can help them attend to them accordingly.