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Qualifying for a Job that Matters

Keeping people safe is a job that matters and there are so many capacities where you can do so. One way you can be a part of it is learning about asbestos and the dangers it can create. Many people realise the conflicts out there about health problems due to exposure. They also know in many instances people simply didn’t know they were being exposed to it.

Today, there are building codes and laws in place that require asbestos use to be disclosed. However, there are plenty of older buildings out there where it isn’t known if it is present or not. There are jobs that involve identifying the presence of it and recommending the next steps for taking care of it or removing it.

Job that Matters

Specific Jobs

The area of asbestos problems is quite vast, and that is why jobs are broken down into those with specific requirements. One of them in high demand is asbestos survey jobs. This type of consulting requires a person to be highly motivated and able to successful analyse issues concerning asbestos.

Specific Jobs


In order to do this type of work, specific requirements must be met. What an employer will require of you can vary based on their preferences. However, every one of them will require you to have certification (P402, P403, and P404). The other option is RSPH equivalent. A background of working with asbestos, the environment or forms of contamination is also required.

The ability to show extensive work in the area of asbestos air quality testing and working with asbestos-related problems is important. This particular job isn’t for someone new to the prospect of such work because you need a very solid foundation to build upon. This type of job will require clearance states of asbestos through a plan of action that has been carefully evaluated and then approved.

Complete Degree

Surveys also have to be conducted before permits are authorised for expanding, remodelling or demolishing any buildings known to have asbestos in them or which could potentially have asbestos in them. When the asbestos is disrupted due to such activities, it can become the most dangerous so precautions have to be taken.

Taking on such a role can be very challenging and time-consuming. Yet it can offer personal satisfaction knowing you are doing something to help protect people and to protect the environment through your work role. There is the need for ongoing training and plenty of documentation in order to verify that the surveying and the inspecting have been done correctly. Documenting the recommendations based on such information is also a big part of such a job.


This type of job role can pay very well and it can often come with plenty of benefits. Some of the benefits that may be offered include paid vacation and a company vehicle to use for mobility from one site to the next. A company issued laptop may be part of the offer too. If you are extended a job offer all of the perks will be discussed with you by that particular employer.